The top 3 reasons why marijuana consumers fail a drug test

Whether you need to be prepared for an employer’s drug test or want to monitor your detoxification process, home drug testing devices are found to be beneficial in providing accurate preliminary analytical results.

Home drug testing devices can detect your drug concentration level in your body based on a cutoff level but careful interpretation should be applied to your result since other interfering substances may cause erroneous results.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you might get a false negative or false positive results and fail your drug test:


1. When testing at home, over-hydration is the main cause of getting a false negative result. Drinking a lot of fluids dilutes your urine lowering the drug concentration in your system. If you get tested, your pH, creatinine and specific gravity get out of range indicating dilute urine, and you will not pass a drug test.

To get accurate results, stop your detox for 24 hours before you retest, and always test first urine in the morning, as it is more concentrated.


2. Your drug test has a control and test area and you need to be careful when interpreting your result, especially if you detox.

Two strong lines are considered a negative result, which means your body THC level is below 50 ng/ml. But a faint test “T” line should not be considered negative unless the control “C” line looks the same. For this reason, if needed, you can use our service and request a second opinion on your result.


3. Some vitamins, minerals or medicines (like Ibuprofen, or vitamins that contain hemp seeds) have compounds similar to THC and may alter your result, showing a false positive. Stay away from these products when detoxing or before taking the employer’s drug test.

THC is detected longer in your system than any other substances and detoxing may be challenging. Here are a few tips that can help you detox faster:


  1. Find a partner and exercise every day for 20-30 minutes.
  2. Try sauna. Sweating helps eliminate THC at a faster rate.
  3. Listen to motivational videos and set up a goal.
  4. Replace your cravings with other types of food.
  5. Create a smoke-free environment in your house and everywhere you go.


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