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  • The Med Tech Approved marijuana tests are products monitored by medical technologists and tested with positive and negative controls to meet laboratory standards. We understand the technology behind the testing method and make sure all Good Manufacturer Practices guidelines are met during production.
  • As a customer, you are responsible for following the package insert instructions correctly and understand limitations of the test. In order to make this process a great experience for you, we developed 15 most commonly asked questions and charts to make your testing easy to understand and able to accurately interpret results, just like a professional. 
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What marijuana metabolites am I testing?

THC-COOH is the primary marijuana metabolite screened for in workplace drug testing. Most marijuana drug metabolites are water-soluble and are excreted rapidly from the body. THC-COOH is fat-soluble and thus exits the body slowly.

Med Tech Approved THC TEST screens the presence of THC-COOH in urine and is sensitive to all marijuana metabolites. See manufacturer package insert.

Marijuana Drug Test


Supplies needed but not provided:

  1. Timer
  2. Collection cup
  3. Gloves or clean hands


  1. Collect urine
  2. Set timer to 5 min; do not start timer yet
  3. Pipette 3 drops in the sample area “S”
  4. Start timer
  5. Read results after 5 minutes then discard 
  6. Take a photo of your result and email it to us. (Optional)
Marijuana Drug Test




Positive result: One color line appears in the “C “ area and no line in the “T” area. A positive result means that THC concentration level in your urine exceeds the federal guideline cutoff level of 50ng/mL.

Negative result: Both “C” and “T” lines have a red intense line. A negative result means THC-COOH was not detected or is below 50ng/mL cutoff level. If "T" line faint in color, we recommend that you detox further until both "C" and "T" lines have the same intense color. This will ensure that your body THC concentration level is very low or negative. Our Med Techs are available to help if you need a second opinion reading your result. Just email us.

Invalid result: Control “C” line fails to appear due to insufficient volume, incorrect testing procedure or test has expired.



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