What is the best way to detox your body from marijuana?

Marijuana metabolites are stored in your fatty lipid tissues. It can take weeks, or even months, to clear the drug from your body. But the key is to stop consumption ASAP. Drinking liquids, eating healthy and exercising daily will help purge the drug at a faster rate.
Sports drink, like Gatorade, give your body electrolytes great when exercising, and cranberry juice makes you urinate frequently keeping your urine free of bacteria. If you are addicted to marijuana, try green tea daily. Studies have shown that green tea stimulates cannabinoids receptors found in the brain, helping with marijuana cravings.


How much water should I drink?

On average, adults drink eight glasses of water per day (total 64oz). You should not aim for more since dilute urine could cause a false negative result when testing. 100% Natural Cranberry Juice, drinks with electrolytes and multi-vitamins are great to consume when exercising. Exercise (sweating) will help a lot since THC is stored in your fatty tissues.

Warning! Be aware that drinking too many liquids may cause kidney problems or water intoxication. The amount you need to drink is more individual than you might think. For this reason, we recommend that you are aware of how you feel while detoxing and stop if you feel sick. Different medications can also cause unwanted side effects.

I am detoxing, when should I test?

If you had a first encounter with the drug, you may test positive for the next 5 days. First, stop marijuana consumption start exercising and test regularly at home until you get a negative test result. If you consume marijuana often then you will have to detox for a longer period of time. See detox chart below.

You should not test your THC level if you are:

  • overhydrating (drink more than 64oz per day); allow 24 hours of no over-hydration before testing.
  • taking pain medication or other medicine in high concentrations can give you a false positive result. (See product or manufacturer insert.)

What should you not do before employer’s drug testing?

  • Over-hydrate or exercise 24 hours before testing.
  • Try to substitute urine with other substances.
  • Use online detox products.
  • Take pain medicine or eat hemp products.
  • Use CBD oils or lotions.


What THC Drug Test should I use to monitor my Detox?

Med Tech Approved Marijuana Drug Testing is the best product on the market to monitor marijuana detox. 

Here are some of the most important features of this product:

  • Best Professional Test on the Market. Now available for Home Use.
  • High sensitivity THC test - detects low drug concentration levels
  • Detailed answers to most common questions customers ask.
  • Meets SAMHSA standards for substance abuse screening 50 ng/mL.
  • OTC and CLIA waved. 

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