How to identify drug abuse in a teenager

Nowadays, drug abuse is fairly common among adults and young people alike. Since habits adopted during teenage years can affect the future of your child, it is important to monitor their activities to mitigate future risks associated with drug abuse. Being a parent can be challenging - that’s a given. As children grow up, they find new ways to hide things from parents which can be cause for concern.

The real question is; how can you identify if your child is involved with drug abuse that can potentially sabotage his or her future. It would be slightly easy if you were a junkie yourself in your teens, as you would know how other drug addicts think. However, things can become troublesome if you were a student with straight ‘As’ with no idea of drugs such as Marijuana. Well, there are a few tips and tricks given below that can help you identify if your child is keeping secrets from you.

Lack of Social Interaction:

Usually, the first sign that teenagers show when they are engaged in unlawful activities is isolation. Teenagers engaged in bad habits limit interaction with their peers as well as their parents. They become secretive and start bunking classes or stop attending social events. Keeping doors closed at all times is also a sign that your child is doing something suspicious.

Hence, if your child is acting suspicious, it is important to have a talk with him/her; discuss drug abuse in teenagers and note how they react. Do they feel offensive, are they trying to defend teenagers with drug addiction? If the answer is yes to these, then your child is probably defending himself. Counseling is the best way to help kids recover from drug abuse.

Irregular Eating Habits:

One prominent side effect of smoking marijuana or similar drugs is that it increases cravings and causes people to overeat. Often, smokers gather late at night to smoke weed or marijuana. If you find your child is eating late at night and is consuming a lot of savories or junk food, then he or she might be taking illegal drugs such as Marijuana as well. While irregular eating habits may not always mean that your child is using illicit drugs, it is likely that irregular eating patterns could be a result of drug abuse. Therefore, be on the lookout for your child’s eating patterns. If you find them sneaking around after midnight for a quick snack, schedule a drug screening test right away or buy a reliable home drug testing kit.

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