How can marijuana affect your employment chances?

Finding a job is difficult nowadays due to a challenging economy and increased number of professionals looking for work. Hence, making a living can be difficult due to high inflation, taxes, and fewer job opportunities. With so many individuals competing for a single job opening, you need to be at your absolute best in order to bag the job. The problem can start right when you are feeling confident about your chances, but your employer demands a drug-screening test. That is when you realize the past weekend spent with friends can do more damage to your career than you expected. What started as a fun-filled and stress-free break can end your potential income.

Losing a high paying job that you really need to sustain your living expenses can be a major problem. Well, this is exactly what drug use can cost you; your career and income. While many people argue in favor of marijuana use these days, especially on social media, the society is decades away from accepting it. Smoking marijuana is illegal in most of the world and you can get in serious trouble if caught using it. Even if marijuana is not lethal, it is still a form of intoxication that can affect your cognitive and physical abilities.

Since marijuana affects your ability to think and act, many employers now demand a drug test before making you a part of their organization. Therefore, here are a few tips to ensure that you pass your employment drug test with flying colors:


Detoxification Period:

Clearing THC-COOH from your system can take a while. It is stored in the fatty acids in your body, which makes it harder to expunge. Exercise and drink a lot of fluids to wear off the effects of marijuana. Take a drug test at home to find out the drug concentration levels in your body. Med Tech Approved has a reliable drug-testing device with 99.9% accuracy. If your home drug test shows a positive result, so will your employer’s drug test.


Refrain from further use:

Smoking marijuana can seriously damage your cognitive and physical health. Contrary to the popular belief, this drug has been proven to cause various health issues. Stay away from people who smoke marijuana to avoid passive smoking as that can also affect your test results.


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