FAQ - Marijuana Drug Testing

What THC cut-off level Med Tech Approved Cassettes use?

Med Tech Approved THC TEST meets FDA and SAMHSA cut-off level of 50ng/mL.


Why is important to know the limitations of a test?

The THC drug cassette provides a qualitative, preliminary screening result. If the drug concentration in your system is below 50ng/mL, the test will show a negative result. But if your concentration is above 50ng/mL, your sample must be tested further with a secondary analytical method to obtain a confirmatory positive result. Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) instruments are the preferred confirmatory second method, which can detect very low concentration levels of THC in urine.


I should have a negative result. Why is my test still positive?

Assuming that your specimen and cassette have been handled properly, there are a few other factors that can affect your result:

• How frequently you use marijuana.

• The quality, size of your dose and your weight.

• The way your body metabolizes THC.

Your body metabolizes THC differently, and the drug clearance may take longer time than other people. Please see the marijuana drug clearance chart for an approximate window of detection time. For accurate results, at home, always test the first urine of the day.


What is the best way to clean marijuana from my body?

Marijuana metabolites are stored in your fatty lipid tissue. It can take weeks, or even months, to clear the drug from your body. But the key is, stop consumption ASAP. Drinking liquids (e.g. water and juices), eating healthy and exercising daily will help purge the drug at a faster rate. Sports drinks, like Gatorade, give your body electrolytes when exercising, and exercise will help you detox faster. If you’re addicted to marijuana, try drinking green tea. Studies have shown that green tea stimulates cannabinoids receptors found in the brain, helping with cravings.

How much water should I drink? 

On average, adults drink 6-8 glasses of water per day (64oz). Drinking more than that could lower your body electrolytes concentration to a dangerous level, and your test could show a false negative result due to over-hydration. Exercise helps a lot since THC is stored in your fatty tissues. 
 Warning! Drinking too many liquids may cause kidney problems or water intoxication. The amount you need to drink is more individual than you might think. For this reason, we recommend that you are aware of how you feel while detoxing and stop if you feel sick. Different medications can also cause unwanted side effects. Please talk to your doctor. 

Can a passive smoker have a positive urine THC test? 

A passive smoker is a person who is not actively smoking but inhales marijuana smoke from the environment. In rare cases, with advance instrument testing, passive smokers can have a positive test result. But a passive smoker’s THC concentration is usually very low and not detected with preliminary screening cups or cassettes. 


What is a false positive or false negative result?

False positive and false negative results are erroneous results, and re-testing is requested. Med techs test specimens for adulterants and any result outside range is a sign that the specimen was tampered.

False positive means that - your result is positive instead of negative due to other substances or conditions that altered the test results. Note: 
 I ibuprofen and hemp products may cause a false positive test result. False negative means that - your result is negative instead of positive due to other substances or conditions that altered the test results. 
 Note: Over-hydration causes a false negative result and specific gravity testing out of range.

If I get a negative with Med Tech Approved THC test, will I pass my employer’s drug test?

The Med Tech Approved THC test is specific for marijuana metabolites only, and no other illegal drugs or STD's can be detected with this test. It is well calibrated, specific and 99.9% accurate.

Many customers use our product during detox and pass their employer's drug test. Just make sure you don't over-hydrate and constantly compare your test result with our negative control. The negative control has no THC and can give you an idea how a negative result should look like.

What can affect my test results?

• Old urine: Test immediately after opening the pouch.

• Diluted urine or adding adulterants cause inaccurate results.

• Expired cassette: Check the expiration before testing.

• Medication such as prescription drugs and painkillers. (Talk to your doctor about drug cross-reactivity).

• Improper storage: THC cassettes should be stored between 36-86°F (2- 
 3 0°C).

 If refrigerated, it’s important to bring the specimen and cassette to room temperature before using the test. 


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